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You're afraid to go to the dentist, and perhaps have been avoiding going to the dentist for years. You dread even the thought of having your teeth cleaned, and even the simplest dental procedure is out of the question. If this sounds like you, please read on, because it's time you learned more about Oral Conscious Sedation and the caring and compassionate dental care available in central Vermont from Dr. Lynne at All Smiles. Through what is known as "sedation dentistry", Dr. Lynne Addiego, DMD of Vermont's All Smiles Family Dental Center, can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing dental visit that enables individuals who are afraid to go to the dentist with an anxiety-free experience.

"They all did their best to make me feel comfortable, no matter what procedure I was going in for. Unlike my previous dentists, everyone exhibits the perfect combination of compassion and professionalism. My anxiety about the dentist has drastically decreased because of the people at All Smiles. They not only do fabulous work, but make you feel calm while doing it."  -Rani, Burlington, VT

If fear is keeping you from routine dental care, you owe it to yourself to learn more about sedation dentistry at All Smiles Family Dental Center in central Vermont. Avoiding the dentist will inevitably make matters worse over time by harming the functionality of your teeth, mouth, and smile, likely compromising your overall health.

Whether it is family dentistry with Dr. Lynne Addiego, DMD, or getting the new beautiful smile you've always wanted with Orthodontic specialist Dr. John Steinman, DMD, the highly recommended and caring dental professionals at All Smiles understand dental fear, and we more than welcome those who haven’t see a dentist in a while, as well as new patients that need a little help relaxing in the dental chair.

Call All Smiles Family Dental Center at (802) 476-3291, or toll free 1-800-377-2339, or simply fill out our contact form to request an intial no cost, and no obligation stress free consultation so you can learn more. To learn more about all the dental services available at All Smiles Family Dental Center on the Barre-Montpelier Road, Berlin, VT, please visit

Dental Phobia

The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation reports that millions suffer from what is known as "dental phobia", stating that "30% of Americans avoid dental treatment due to fear".


"As someone who suffers from anxiety, going to the dentist was always a nightmare for me."

I would work myself up into such a state weeks before the appointment that I would inevitably cancel. After years of neglecting my teeth, a friend told me about Dr. Addiego. When I went for my first appointment, we talked about using sedation to relieve the anxiety. This was the answer for me!! Prior to my appointments I take my meds and I am perfectly relaxed the entire time I am in the chair! Dr. Addiego and her staff are wonderful. Going to the dentist is no longer the ordeal that it used to be for me!"                      -Ellen, Barre, VT


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"We more than welcome those who haven’t see a dentist in a while." -Dr, John & Dr. Lynne